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Medical Devices

States take their shots at the medical device excise tax

Though the media devote much of their Affordable Care Act coverage to efforts to repeal the individual insurance and contraceptive mandates, medical device manufacturers are fighting their own battle against another Obamacare provision: a 2.3% excise tax on their devices. The excise tax, which went into effect last year, is imposed on makers of most […]

FiscalNote Prophecy for Universities

FiscalNote Prophecy for Universities

By aggregating real-time and historical legislative data, FiscalNote provides educators, students, and researchers a simple platform to easily search for and track the information important to them. Combined with its advanced forecasting analysis tools, FiscalNote Prophecy gives any academic the edge in understanding legislative data.

The surprising hire that fast-growing startups need to make

You’ve spent months developing a core product. You’ve hired the most talented sales, marketing, and product teams. You’ve raised capital from respectable firms. Your product is on the market, and that market is growing across city, state, and maybe even country lines. Now that you have some capital on hand, a defined product, and proven […]

How a Machine Knew When a Democrat Started Voting with Republicans

“Retaking the Senate” seems a strange goal for a party that already holds 32 of 63 state Senate seats. In New York, however, that’s exactly what the Democratic Party wants to do. Last year, five state Senators, after running as Democrats, decided to break away from the Democratic caucus and to share power with the […]

How to Plan a Fly-In Day with FiscalNote Prophecy

Each year, trade associations, advocacy groups, and grassroots organizers fly their members to Washington, D.C. and state capitals. These highly organized visits, often known as “fly-ins” in D.C., are planned months in advance by government relations teams. The events bring groups together to meet with multiple lawmakers during the same day or week, allowing interest […]

How GraniteRoots Public Solutions Uses FiscalNote Prophecy

FiscalNote helps clients large and small keep track of the legislative data that matters most and analyze that data in order to gain actionable insights. One of our clients, GraniteRoots Public Solutions, uses FiscalNote all throughout the work day to leverage the power of their small organization and save valuable time and money. Huck Montgomery […]

Five Trends Influencing the Influencers

The lobbying industry is changing. As The Nation reported earlier this year, many of the traditional lobbying powerhouses have posted declining revenues, but that doesn’t mean that lobbying as an industry is fading away. On the contrary, the influence industry is growing into new areas, utilizing new methods, and calling itself new names. In no […]

Source: POLITICO.com

States Debate: Common Core or State-Specific Standards?

Last week, Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin signed into law a bill getting rid of Common Core academic standards. She said her state would be capable of developing its own standards superior to Common Core…

Will Congress remain Neutral on Net Neutrality?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 last month to move ahead with its proposal for modified rules on internet traffic, which would preserve net neutrality but leave the door open for “fast lanes” of faster internet content delivery for companies that can pay. The new proposed rules are subject to a public comment period […]

A Deeper Look at the Three US Reps Running for Georgia Senate Seat

Much has been made of the amount of outside spending flooding into Georgia, where tomorrow’s crowded Republican primary to replace retiring U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss remains tight. It looks like Michelle Nunn will win the Democratic nomination, but the winner of the Republican primary may not receive the minimum number of votes needed to be […]


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