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The surprising hire that fast-growing startups need to make

You’ve spent months developing a core product. You’ve hired the most talented sales, marketing, and product teams. You’ve raised capital from respectable firms. Your product is on the market, and that market is growing across city, state, and maybe even country lines. Now that you have some capital on hand, a defined product, and proven […]

Will Congress remain Neutral on Net Neutrality?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 last month to move ahead with its proposal for modified rules on internet traffic, which would preserve net neutrality but leave the door open for “fast lanes” of faster internet content delivery for companies that can pay. The new proposed rules are subject to a public comment period […]

FiscalNote employee Mike Stubbs trying out  Google Glass at SocialRadar Launch Party

Glassing While Driving — State Lawmakers versus Google Glass

We all know driving and drinking is dangerous, but how about driving and winking? Well, if those winks are being used to operate your Google Glass, the answer might be yes, state lawmakers say. It’s all part of the ongoing debate over which technologies impede driving ability, and which of those technologies should be illegal […]


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