WASHINGTON D.C. – FiscalNote, provider of the industry’s first legislative and regulatory intelligence solutions that track, analyze and forecast legal data, announced today the addition of Taj Chadha to its Executive Team as Vice President of Customer Success and professional services. In this role, Taj will be responsible for leading and accelerating the company’s customer […]


A “drone” in popular nomenclature has traditionally meant a mindless being that goes about a task. This may be an apt use of the term when applied to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), but one that only leads to confusion, according to FiscalNote’s Chris Simpson. Chris is an avid pilot of remotely controlled aircrafts, a passion […]

The Confederate flag flew as part of the Confederate Monument at the South Carolina Statehouse until July 2015. (Photo by eyeliam, Flickr)

A spike in concern surrounding the Confederate flag led to a flurry of activity in state legislatures beginning in late June, but many of the measures introduced were resolutions and few have been passed. Much of this activity was South Carolina-focused, after Governor Nikki Haley on June 23 called for the removal of the flag […]


While one arm of ride-sharing company Uber is focused on growth and new market potential, the other is busy protecting their current market from government oversight. As the 2015 state legislative sessions in the United States come to an close, the dust is beginning to settle on the current state of ride-sharing in the United […]

Amanda shared this chart to illustrate her decision-making. Editor's Note: Steak is marked as a dessert, which we won't argue.

Not many of us here at FiscalNote are wine connoisseurs. In fact, when tasked with setting up for the most recent installment of ShowFN, we quickly realized that we didn’t even have a corkscrew in the office (we could, however, come up with a half dozen bottle openers). Luckily, we have Business Development Associate Amanda […]


Are you curious about FiscalNote and our products? Earlier this week Product Manager John Zoshak and Business Development Director Vanessa Knecht hosted our inaugural webinar, FiscalNote 101. The two told attendees a little about their backgrounds and what brought them to FiscalNote. They also discussed the founding of our company and provided an introduction to […]

Bill Palombi, Customer Success Manager, introduces the FiscalNote team to his ShowFN talk.

To many experts, the factors distinguishing a “superhero” from a “hero” are as clear as day; but to others, there seems to be a grey area. Thor – of course. Superman – well, it is in his name. Batman, however, is a little more controversial. As Bill Palombi pointed out to other FiscalNoters, a Google […]


This is a very special day. Today – exactly two years ago to this day – FiscalNote incorporated as a company. It’s been an absolute whirlwind of an experience these last two years, growing and learning alongside this team. Each and every one of our employees has had a tremendous impact on the mission and […]

FiscalNote Senior Policy Manager John Zoshak has an impact felt in each area of the company. From working with clients, to usability research, to content production, John's policy experience is invaluable.

Editor’s Note: This is the first of the FN Profile series, where we single out the contributions and experience of one valued team member. Up until one month ago, FiscalNote’s policy department was one man: John Zoshak. Known around the FN office as JZ, he serves as an internal consultant who provides expertise to every […]

FiscalNote Customer Success Manager Bill Palombi steps through his onboarding sides for the FiscalNote team, addressing the team as members of Vandalay Industries, during a Pitches and Pitchers session.

Some people say “picture your audience naked”. Others believe “practice makes perfect.” Many avoid speaking in public altogether. Public speaking, giving a presentation, pitching a product – for a few, even the idea of speaking in front of a group induces heart palpitations and conjures up middle school nightmares. For many, it simply ranks low […]


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