While still early in my career, I found myself faced with a tough decision – to move up the ladder at a big research firm or join an early-stage startup and put my cards on the table. I took the gamble, and it’s paying off more than I imagined. One opportunity was for a strategy […]


WASHINGTON, D.C. – FiscalNote today announced the release of the company’s newest product, Sonar. Using data-driven analytics on proposed and implemented regulations, Sonar helps organizations improve efficiency, effectiveness, and influence surrounding regulatory activity and the rulemaking process. “From aggregating all relevant documents on a docket to analyzing comments for stakeholders and coalitions, Sonar will redefine […]

The Clean Power Plan proposed by the EPA would require power plants like this one to reduce their carbon emissions.

Electricity generation made up 32% of all United States carbon emissions in 2012 – a figure that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would like to lower as the United States attempts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. On June 18, 2014, the EPA published a proposed rule in the Federal Register to reduce emissions at […]


The intersection of religious freedom and gay rights has been tumultuous for state legislators as proponents of both causes see issues in different lights. This year’s legislative sessions are no exception. Most notable of these was Indiana’s SB 101, enacted on March 26, 2015. The bill drew national outcry for potentially allowing discrimination against individuals […]

Peter Tarectecan is a software engineer and a trained hip-hop dancer. He shared his knowledge with the team during his ShowFN presentation.

Every few weeks at FiscalNote we take a step away from our work and learn something new from a member of our team. Nothing related to analytics or legislation, though. The ShowFN program encourages FiscalNoters to share their passions outside of work. Recently, software engineer Peter Tarectecan shared his passion for hip-hop dance. He started […]

Business development associate Elvin Merlo fills in lettering at one of the highest points on the mural.

For her spring break project, our design intern Jacqueline Chen designed and sketched a mural to convey our company values. The mural flanks the entryway into our main office and overlooks our ping pong table – a social gathering point for the team. Each FiscalNoter will see it every day – as will anyone we […]


Following the closing of the 2015 New Mexico legislature regular session, the Governor had 21 days to sign bills into law; others would be considered pocket vetoes. After this period, 382 bills were enacted out of the 1731 introduced. Updated 5:30pm, Apr. 22: A previous version of the graphic incorrectly classified memorials and other resolutions […]


The Kentucky legislature adjourned after 78 days – 29 in session – on March 24, 2015. The session initially met for three days for leadership elections and committee assignments before breaking for another three weeks.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received 4,315,715 comments surrounding an upcoming regulation commonly referred to as the Clean Power Plan. The rule creates guidelines for state initiatives to cut greenhouse gas emissions from existing sources of power generation. From a subset of 7,000 comments publicly available on regulations.gov, FiscalNote sentiment analysis found that 59% of […]

FiscalNote today announced the addition of Katharine Weymouth, former Washington Post publisher, to the company’s board of advisors. Weymouth, who simultaneously served as CEO of Washington Post Media, brings expertise in media and publishing to the board. In her role as advisor, she will serve as a resource during a period of tremendous growth for […]


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