What does FiscalNote do?

FiscalNote provides a revolutionary online and real-time platform called Prophecy for tracking, analyzing, and predicting  state-level legislation. In the near future, regulatory and municipal data will also be accessible on the platform.


Get up-to-the-minute updates on changes in state legislatures and city halls around the country in real-time and around your specific industry. Our platform integrates data on all motions, amendments, committee votes, filings, leadership changes, and sponsorships, which is automatically sent to your dashboard and mobile device. Our advanced smart query methods help you understand legislation and perform complex discovery actions as it changes on the floor.


Drill-down and get access to key data points and history around any bill as well as the key legislators and committees that the bill touches. Our predictive algorithms let you get down to the granular level and automatically understand where the pressure points are and what the political sentiment on a bill looks like. Rich visualizations on our platform help you understand deep insights on any bills that are relevant to you.


Using the world’s most advanced legislative language parser, we’ve been able to build predictive algorithms that are able to tell with high accuracy whether or not a bill will pass as changes happen in a legislature. Reduce enterprise political uncertainty and make real-time decisions around compliance and industry-shaking events. We don’t just mine the data, we use the most advanced machine learning to surface relevant data to you in a relevant and meaningful way.

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